D-Blade Advantage – White/Chart

D-Blade Advantage – White/Chart


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  • Hand tied silicone skirt
  • Custom Mustad hook
  • Nickel or gold plated custom blades
  • Unique head design
  • Ball bearing swivel
  • 0.040 high grade stainless steel wire
  • Special bait keepers for trailer
  • Custom head colors


The Advantage series is the new standard in spinnerbaits featuring custom head designs and colors, ball bearing swivel, special bait keepers and are hand-tied so the strands and colors stay in the proper place. This allows the angler to slap the bait on the water to free any moss or grass without skirt movement. The Advantage Spinnerbaits come in 2 sizes and 7 colors with both Colorado/Willow and Willow/Willow blade combinations.

1 review for D-Blade Advantage – White/Chart

  1. Mitch Pare

    This is the best $6 spinnerbait on the market. It has a great hook on it that seems longer than what’s on most spinnerbaits. I like using a small paddletail swimbait as a trailer so I don’t use a trailer hook because the paddletail doesn’t swim right with one on. When I use other spinnerbaits I tend to miss a fish every now and then because I don’t use a trailer hook. With this spinnerbait having a longer hook on it, my hookup ratio has gone way up. I rarely miss a fish on this bait. It also has a great swivel and skirt. It’s not overloaded with skirt material like most spinnerbaits are. I normally pull about 1/3 of the strands out of other baits so it will look more natural. I don’t have to do that with this bait. I also love the compact size of this bait. It allows me to use the 1/2 oz and throw into small holes around bushes. 10/10 in my opinion.

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