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TST 794.5 AR – Cobble Cork


(3 customer reviews)




Line Weight

15-25 lb

Lure Weight

1-3 1/2 oz


Heavy Fast


Alabama Rigs, Swimbaits

3 reviews for TST 794.5 AR – Cobble Cork

  1. Shawn Cutting (verified owner)

    I just purchased this rod to use for A-rigs and the magdraft swimbait. I paired it with a Diawa Tatula 200 and 18lb FC Sniper. I have only had it out once so far but here are my thoughts. The cork looks good and is ascetically pleasing to the eye. It is attractive and well designed. I had the chance to use it in both wet and dry conditions. When your hands are wet, or during wet conditions, the cork seemed to have a tacky feel to it, more so than plain cork. It aided in a better grip with throwing heavier baits like a-rigs. The tackiness of it really caught my attention and made me wish I had it on more rods than just this one. Later in the day when conditions were dry it had the same feel as a normal full cork handle. While I like cork handles on rods, this was a fine compliment to my Dobyns line up. I would not hesitate to purchase a Dobyns rod with this type of handle again. As for the rod itself, I was looking for a rod for a-rigs and magdraft style swimbaits and this rod fits that bill perfectly. So far I have only thrown an A-rig on it and it handled it like a champ. With the length I am able to get better distance per cast. It has the backbone to handle these heavier baits with no problem and get a good hookset. Keep it up Dobyns!!!

  2. Dylan Hayes (verified owner)

    New grip looks great first of all and it looks even better when cork sealed the cork feels better as well more of a grip only worry I have is how easy it will start to chip between the light and dark cork. It’s absolutely better than the old grips but it’ll take some time to get a idea of longevity

  3. Keith Krzeminski (verified owner)

    New grip feels & looks super nice! I threw an A-Rig yesterday for about 30 minutes & the new grip does not feel any different from my other full handle DOBYNS Champion XPs. Hopefully the new material will be sturdy & last a long time. Also the 794.5 is awesome… super easy to toss an A-Rig, lite weight & well balanced as with all my XPs. DOBYNS Team nailed it with this rod!

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