TST 736CB GLASS-Mossy Swirl


(9 customer reviews)




Line Weight

10-25 lb

Lure Weight

3/8-1 1/2 oz


Heavy Fast


Chatterbaits, Lg Crankbaits, Spinnerbaits

9 reviews for TST 736CB GLASS-Mossy Swirl

  1. Michael Richardson

    Absolutely love the new cork. Perfect tack, even with wet hands. Got a few hours use with it the first day, just soft enough. Rod handles great as usual.

  2. Nick (verified owner)

    Was pleasantly surprised with the mossy swirl cork handle on this one. Feel like I have a tighter grip on it especially when ripping it through the grass. I own a couple of the 735cb models and think I prefer this rod at least for bladed jigs. Haven’t used it for spinnerbaits yet which I really like the 735 for.

  3. Eddie Reynolds

    I received this rod last week and have fished with it for four solid 8 hr days. I only use the rod for 1/2 and 3/8 oz chatterbaits. I switched from the DC 734 and have also tried a DC 735 but this rod is by far more suited for the chatterbaits. I can rip it through grass and the rod loads up perfectly. I get good hooksets even at the end of a long cast. I like this grip material better than the normal cork. I defiantly get a more solid grip. It doesn’t feel tacky or sticky but just has a more aggressive texture. I can use this rod all day so there’s no issue with comfort or fatigue. I wouldn’t mind if all my Dobyns rods came with this handle material in the future. Another great product from Dobyns!

  4. Bill Coerver (verified owner)

    Awesome cork, soft, great grip with no slip at all. I currently own 4 Extremes, 6 Champions, 5 Kaden’s, 2 Sierras and 3 Sierra Ultra Finesse rods. Out of all my Dobyns rods the Mossy Oak grip is the best, I highly recommend it, it’s incredible.

  5. Robert DeCann (verified owner)

    I bought 2 of these rods 1 for the wife the other for me.After seeing it in person my thoughts were damn this looks nice. Fished hard with it the past week the grip is comfortable and a little more tacky when wet. I like this more than the traditional grip. The only con is that I can’t get my wife to put it down lol. Tst mossy swirl grip rocks

  6. Andy Bulson (verified owner)

    This rod has become one of my favorites after getting a feel for it, the cork looks great and is holding up just fine. It has a softer feel when compared to the standard champ cork and provides a a lot of grip. I wouldn’t think twice about buying another rod with the same style.

  7. Mark Voss (verified owner)

    I bought the 734C in Black Spec and the 736CB Glass in Mossy Swirl. I already had both of these rods with the regular cork handles and give them 5 stars for the rods, but that’s not what we are here to review today. Today’s review will be strictly on the new handle material.

    I liked the Mossy Swirl of the 736CB Glass better than the Black Spec on the 734C. But both felt like they had more grip than the regular cork, which was a positive. The Black Spec had a bit a of a strange crumbly feel to it that I think was just due to the texture of the new handle material. Nothing actually came off on your hands, and there was no deterioration to the handle. It was just a tactile thing I can’t really explain. The Mossy Swirl just felt better and had a bit more of a spongy, grippy feel to it that I liked, and I really liked the swirled look and color of that material.

    However,… Mine had a considerable number of dark spots that upon closer inspection were actually holes and pits in the material that the Black Spec material on the 734C didn’t have. Made me concerned that they will get worse over time.

    I managed to spend a fair amount of time throwing a chatterbait on this rod and liked the way it fished. Casting the 3/8 and 1/2 oz baits was effortless due to the amount of grip the new material has. The only reason I am knocking this one down a star is because of the pitting in the handle and the concern it will continue to get worse (it hasn’t so far, but haven’t had it long) Other than that I really liked it!

  8. Rowen Vandergriff (verified owner)

    Love this rod best chatterbait and cranking stick on the market and the cork looks beautiful and is tackier than normal cork personally I prefer this style of cork to the normal I think it’s a winner

  9. Joseph Owens (verified owner)

    Early review on rod and can say nothing but good things about it so far! First impressions on aesthetics of grip is personally I like the vibe of it and seems to add some flare to it! I would personally like the mix of grips and make it easy to locate a rod when looking for it. The grip has a tacky feel even when wet , I have fished it in two full tourneys and a week worth of practice in the central Florida heat and rain . Sat and Sunday tourney probably threw a chatter on it 5 hrs minimum of each day and still no signs of wear or dark spots which is actually surprising even for dobyns quality bc the kadens I have usually get dark spots and start cracking after first couple long trips and getting wet! I am going to have a hard time buying regular cork again and really hope you find a way to use multiple of these grips on different rod models and continue to use them . Honestly for the guys that always say my rod don’t have to match my reel and so forth should really not be hating on the new look and try it bc once they feel the tackiness and actual fish ability there is no way that they wouldn’t want to use it more often, i don’t even want to put it down and pick up anything else really just makes you regret not having it on all the rods!

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