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TST 735C FH – Classic Burl


(8 customer reviews)




Line Weight

12-25 lb

Lure Weight

1/4-1 1/2 oz


Med/Heavy Ex Fast


Frogs, Pitchin' & Flippin', Small Swimbaits

8 reviews for TST 735C FH – Classic Burl

  1. Andy Bulson (verified owner)

    A sharp looking rod! This Burl design really stands out and feels great. I put in a solid weekend fishing it. Look forward to having it in my hand some more.

  2. Ty N

    Awesome! Love the DC 735C already and this new full handle design really adds a nice touch. Great rod , I highly recommend.

  3. Larry (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed amd wanted. The 735 fits the way I like to fish. LOVE the Classic Burl look and feel. Can’t wait to buy more rods with this handle. Better than cork, EVA, or Winn. Slightly more ‘grippy’ than cork and much more sensitive than EVA.

  4. Spencer Miller (verified owner)

    Handle is soft in the hand, but still has good grip when wet. After a few months of hard kayak use, it looks like its going to hold up as well or better than cork.

  5. Nicholas Roth (verified owner)

    Just got the TST 735C FH – Classic Burl (#TST 735C FH – Classic Burl). Looks and feels great. Living in Vermont I won’t get to use it till the spring as the waters are starting to ice over. Looking forward to having a dedicated frog rod for next year. This is my 6th Dobyns’s Rod I have purchased this year and all of them have been great.

  6. Wade M Johnson (verified owner)

    I purchased the 735C FH Classic Burl handle. I have not gotten to use it much yet. It appears to be durable and is very comfortable. I like it, maybe a little bit bigger in diameter would be good for me.

  7. Ben Brockwell

    Got the 735 with the new classic burl and have been fishing with it several weeks and I really like the new classic burl. It feels nice to the touch and fishes comfortable all day long. I think it’s a great style and It looks great !!!

  8. Rodney DeLong (verified owner)

    Just got the TST 735C FH yesterday, I like the looks and feel of the new handle material, to me it looks better than plane ole cork. I haven’t got out on the lake yet to see how it holds up to a full day fishing and grip property when wet, but I don’t believe that will be an issue. Gary since getting quality cork is difficult this is the way to go, I have the “classic burl” but took a close look at your other options and I liked the looks of the “swirl” handle also. I will update again after fishing.

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