TST 734C FH-Black Spec


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Line Weight

10-20 lb

Lure Weight

1/4-1 oz


Heavy Fast


Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits, Senkos, Horny Toads, Jigs, Small Swimbaits

Out of stock

10 reviews for TST 734C FH-Black Spec

  1. James Morris (verified owner)

    I Purchased the 734C FH-black spec. From day one I was impressed with the handle. After many trips on the water it has proved to be reliable and durable.

  2. Mark Morris (verified owner)

    734C FH-Black Spec.
    I’ve fished this rod a good bit now. I like the look of the new cork. It also helps distinguish the rod from my other Dobyn’s rods.
    I like the feel of the cork , and it seems a little tackier than the regular cork. This is especially nice when the handle gets wet.
    Only time will tell how well it holds up , but I see no signs of nor have any reason to doubt that it won’t.

  3. Greg Jessee (verified owner)

    Was able to finally test my new 734C BlackSpec rod. Wow, I was more than happy. Great feel from the tip to the cork. Very well balanced. I also love the look, there is no slippage in the hand in either wet or dry conditions. One of the best rods I have ever placed in my hand. If you are still trying to decide, go ahead and pick one up today you will not be disappointed.

  4. mike.andrews550 (verified owner)

    Fished this rod (Black spec 734c) a few times so far and I think the new style cork is better than standard cork. I like it a lot. I just ordered the 735 c classic burl to try as well. Let ya know!

  5. Nick Bozzetti (verified owner)

    I got the 734 with the black spec about a month and a half ago. I’m just getting around tonwriting this review because i havent had a chance to fishbit much untilrecently. I really like the look of the cork and it feels good in hand. Haven’t used it in the rain, but with wet hands from handling fish, I still feel like I have good grip and control of the rod. Only time will tell about the durability of the new style cork, but so far I’m very pleased. Keep doing what you’re doing there at Dobyns rods. You have a fan for life here.

  6. Mike Christian (verified owner)

    Took the rod out today for the first time, felt great, time will tell if the cork will hold up but if it does then I have a rod to use the rest of days of fishing

  7. Travis Beazley (verified owner)

    734C FH-Black Spec arrived this week and feels great! I’m a big fan of cork and this material delivers. It has a great feel and I like the look. I have yet to notice a tacky feel like others referenced. Time will tell how it holds up but 5 stars from me after first use.

  8. Mark Aegerter (verified owner)

    I purchased the TST 734 FH Black Spec. This is my second 734 Champion blank, so I knew that quality I was getting. I use the first for topwater, Sammy’s, and I am using this one for 3/8-3/4 oz spinnerbaits. I was lucky enough to get it out twice before this unusual cold snap. Traditionalists might not like the new test cork visually, but I found no quality issues at all, at least these first two outings. I do wear Simm’s fingerless gloves for the sun protection, and they have that rubber sticky feel to the palm, so my skin is not really in contact with the handle, but I agree with the previous review, when handling the new with my bare hand when it arrived, it does have a slightly tackier feel to it. Only time will tell if it holds up, but knowing Gary, it most certainly will and if not, he will come up with a solution.
    Best rods ever.

  9. Ron Jablonske (verified owner)

    Got potentially one last 60 degree day, lucky for me the day before my Test 734C FH had arrived so I got to throw it a ton. I really liked the feel of the cork, I felt like it had a little more grit to keep it in my hands. It was perfect temp, so I can’t speak to when it’s hot or cold, but the feel was great. It is a slight bit softer to the touch than my normal 734, but no drawbacks. I like the swirl look of the cork actually. It’s not as “sophisticated” and clean looking as traditional, and I actually thought that was perfect. Once I throw it a few more times I can add more. For now, super glad I made the purchase both the rod and cork are things I approve of.

  10. Dan Corcoran (verified owner)

    Got my TST 734C FH-Black Spec this weekend, and I was able to take it out on the water for what was likely my last trip of the year (water temps in the low 50s). I really like how the handle material feels. To me it almost feels “tacky” where it has an added grippy-ness to it where other cork handles don’t have that added feel to it. With the air temps in the high 40s, I felt like I had a better handle and feel on with this new cork compared to my other rods. Assuming all of these test corks are the same material, however, I would prefer the look of the Mossy Swirl. From a functionality and feel standpoint, I think it’s an easy 5 star since it blows my other rods out of the water. Thank you for offering the product testing!

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