Swimbait Heads – Regular Hook

Swimbait Heads – Regular Hook


(3 customer reviews)
  • Regular hook
  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Pack of 3


The Dobyns Swimbait Heads feature a new 4-barbed bait keeper system that addresses one of the biggest and most common complaints with Swimbait heads. The bait keeper will hold the Swimbait bodies in place, no super glue required! The Dobyns Swimbait heads are available with regular hooks, heavy wire hooks, and heavy wire hooks with weed guards, in 6 sizes and the 3 most popular colors.

3 reviews for Swimbait Heads – Regular Hook

  1. Rich

    These are the deal for Keitechs if you don’t like to fool with glue and bullet proof if you mix them with super glue

  2. Ben G.

    A Rig / Smaller Swimbait Anglers! If you are looking for a sturdy sharp hook, a head that keeps your swimbait pegged and the weight variety you need this one is it. Certainly a staple in my tacklebox. Check em’ out!

  3. JJ Patton

    The regular hook on a small 2.8′-4″ paddle tail swim bait is awesome. The quad bait keeper holds the plastic no need for glue. Great option for finesse style swimsuits

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