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Football Jig – Two-toned Brown Craw


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  • Gamakatsu 604 round bend jig hook
  • Hand-tied with a combination of round rubber and silicone strands tied in specific locations
  • Deep cavity and 3 mm extra collar to firmly hold weed guard
  • Special 4-barb bait keeper


The Dobyns Football Jigs are all hand-tied with custom colored skirts in a combination of round rubber and silicone. The jigs feature Gary’s all time favorite, the Gamakatsu 604 round bend jig hook, that Gary has been using in his own jigs for 20 years. Each jig features the special 4-barb bait keeper to hold the jig trailers in place. These jigs are available in 12 colors and 5 sizes.

1 review for Football Jig – Two-toned Brown Craw

  1. Mitch Pare

    Great jig! I love the rubber/silicone mix skirt, and the 604 gamakatsu is my favorite hook on a football jig. It allows you to get a good hook in a fish on long casts or in deep water, or both. The weed guard is the perfect stiffness that you can fish it through brush piles without always getting hung up, but soft enough to get good hook penetration on a long cast or in deep water. There was a lot of attention to things that matter the most when this jig was designed in my opinion. Y’all knocked another one out of the park with this jig!

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