Football Jig – Magic Craw

Football Jig – Magic Craw


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  • Gamakatsu 604 round bend jig hook
  • Hand-tied with a combination of round rubber and silicone strands tied in specific locations
  • Deep cavity and 3 mm extra collar to firmly hold weed guard
  • Special 4-barb bait keeper


The Dobyns Football Jigs are all hand-tied with custom colored skirts in a combination of round rubber and silicone. The jigs feature Gary’s all time favorite, the Gamakatsu 604 round bend jig hook, that Gary has been using in his own jigs for 20 years. Each jig features the special 4-barb bait keeper to hold the jig trailers in place. These jigs are available in 12 colors and 5 sizes.

1 review for Football Jig – Magic Craw

  1. Chris Smith

    Paired w/Kinky Beaver in Green Pumpkin, this jig is unstoppable. Catches fish when no other lure is working. Caught eight nice bass in my last club tournament when most anglers were getting skunked. My go to bait when fishing is tough.

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