D-Blade Beast – Shad Lt. Blue Chartreuse White

D-Blade Beast – Shad Lt. Blue Chartreuse White


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  • Silicone skirt strands singly placed for even, perfectly balanced look
  • Custom Mustad hook with longer shank
  • Premium stainless steel nickel or gold plated blades
  • Unique head design so skirt does not ball up around the head
  • High grade ball bearing swivel
  • Welded eye
  • 0.040 high grade stainless steel wire
  • Custom head colors
  • Special bait keepers to hold trailer


The Beast is everything you ever wanted in a spinnerbait: high grade ball bearing swivel, welded eye, specialized head so the skirt cannot ball up on it, hand tied unique colors, custom plated stainless steel blades, specialized bait keepers and most importantly, a very even and balanced skirt. The strands are singly placed and tied one by one around the spinnerbait head. The Beast Spinnerbaits come in 3 sizes, 9 colors and both Colorado/Willow and Willow/Willow blade combinations.

1 review for D-Blade Beast – Shad Lt. Blue Chartreuse White

  1. JJ Patton

    Great color, hand tied skirt, quality components make this a great bait. Runs true at all speeds

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