The guides page has a list of the best fishing guides in the U.S. that use Dobyns Rods exclusively. If you are in the area of one of these guides, be sure to contact them for a fantastic day on the water catching fish with Dobyns Rods.

A good fishing guide will save you time and money! You can learn more in a single day with a good guide than you can spending an entire week fishing by trial and error. They tell you about the right baits to buy instead of wasting money chasing the local dock talk. Even big-name national professionals rely on a guide when they need to quickly learn a new body of water. The following list of guides is provided as a convenience to your fishing. We suggest that you ask any guide for a couple of references so you can check them out before you book a trip. And, make sure any guide you hire is properly licensed, bonded, and insured. GOOD FISHING!

Dobyns Guide - Paul Mueller


Guide Lake:
Candlewood Lake, Lake Lillinonah

Telephone: 203-910-3676

  • A multi-species guide in the state of Connecticut.
  • Guides for Large and Smallmouth Bass on Candlewood Lake in CT, recently ranked by Bassmaster magazine, 22 out of 100 of the top 100 lakes in the country.
  • Also guides for carp, perch and crappie seasonally.
  • Guide trips include, graph lessons, technique specific instruction and rigging and how to pattern seasonal movements of fish.
  • Live bait trips are also available.
Dobyns Guide - Mike Bucca


Guide Lake:
Lake Allatoona, GA

Telephone: 905-555-5555

  • Fishing for 32 years.
  • 12 years of knowledge in the Southeast region.
  • Specializes in BIG swimbaits, dropshot, topwater, spoons.
  • Understands how to catch fish in deep clear water.
  • Known for catching magnum spots.
  • Makes every trip enjoyable and educational.
Dobyns Guide - John Chiarpotti


Guide Lake: Mother Load Lakes, CA

Telephone: 209-586-4186

  • 29 years of tournament fishing and guiding.
  • Numerous top 10 tournament finishes.
  • Familiarity with seasonal patterns on the lakes he guides on.
  • Customizes each trip to the level of experience of the client.
  • Specializes in swimbaits, drop-shot, and big bite topwater fishing.
  • Makes his mission to provide an informative and fun day on the water while introducing you to new techniques to catch more fish.
Dobyns Guide - Art- Hill


Guide Lake:
Diamond Valley & Vail Lake, CA

Telephone: 951-303-1678
Cell Phone: 951-265-9551

  • Over 25 years of bass fishing experience.
  • One of the top guides in all of Southern California, consistently helping his angling clients catch the biggest bass of their lifetime.
  • Expert on Diamond Valley and Vail Lake (located 1 hour north of San Diego and 1 1/2 hours southeast of Los Angeles).
Dobyns Guide - Bob Myskey


Guide Lake:
Clear Lake  in Northern California

Telephone: 707-274-0373
Cell Phone: 707-349-4460

  • Fishing for over 30 years. Guiding for 18 years.
  • Works with beginners to advanced pros.
  • Knowledge of a vast array of techniques which enables Bob to fit customer’s ability.
  • Mission is to ensure the customer(s) have a great time and a good trip.
  • Bob’s guarantee: Complete satisfaction with your trip and my efforts.  At the end of your trip, if you are not completely satisfied, then all you have to do is say so and the “Trip Is On Me”.
Zach Hughes


Guide Lake:
Lake Fork, Texas

Telephone: 972-979-4163

  • Fishing for 33 years, guiding on Lake Fork for 13 years
  • Specified Technique: Sight fishing and deep-water structure fishing
  • Zach will customize the trip based on client, whether it is chasing a monster, catching numbers, or a teaching day on the water.
  • Mission for a day on the water is to make each customer have the best possible experience while on a guided fishing trip.
Dobyns Guide - Tim May


Guide Lake:
December – February on Lake Okeechobee, FL
March – June on Lake Fork, Texas

Telephone:  812-320-3144
USCG Licensed Captain
FaceBook: Tim May Fishing Guide

  • Fishing for 53 years, guiding for 5 years on Lake Okeechobee and Lake Fork with 33 years of experience on both of the lakes.
  • Works with beginners to advanced pros.
  • Each trip personalized according to the client’s skill level and the daily fishing pattern.
  • Mission for the day is to keep his client happy, safe, catching fish, and enjoying their day on the water.
  • Tim feels “A Happy Client is a Returning Client”.
Dobyns Guide - David Morris


Guide Lake:
Lake Fork, Texas

Telephone: 903-497-8008

  • Fishing for 30 years. Guiding on Lake Fork for 6 years.
  • Mission on each trip is to try and create the most memorable day on the water that he can for his client.
  • “It is Texas”, David says “I like to throw BIG baits for BIG BASS!”
Dobyns Guide - Curtis Keller


Guide Lake:
Lake Fork, Texas

Telephone: 972-658-3400

  • Fishing for over 40 years. Guiding for 3 years.
  • Techniques:  Big Baits and Big Carolina Rigs.
  • Mission for each day is to get everyone back safe, catch fish, and teach as much as possible.
Dobyns Guide - Tyler Torwick


Guide Lake:
Lake Travis, Lake LBJ, and Lake Decker all in Texas

Telephone: 512-919-7255 
FaceBook: Torwick’s Guiding Service
Instagram: laketravisfishingguide

  • Fishing for over 20 years and guiding professionally for 4 years.
  • Specialty technique is dropshot (loves the Sierra 703SF micro for this technique).
  • Tyler was the president of the Baylor University Bass Fishing team which only spiked his passion or fishing.
  • Gauging the client’s skill level, comfort level, and pushes learning a new technique so that the client leaves with more knowledge than they arrived with and sharing his passion of Bass fishing.
  • Mission is to leave clients happy and turn them into a repeat customer, providing a fun and educational  day on the water.