Football Heads

The Football Heads are the same that are used in the Dobyns Jig lines.  They have the famous 604 Gamakatsu hook, built with a 4 point bait keeper.  The football heads also have a recessed eye and are available with or without a weed guard in black, brown and green pumpkin.  These were made specifically with the Yamamoto Hula Grubs in mind, but of course, can be used for other lures as well.

Football Jigs

The Dobyns Football Jigs are all hand-tied with custom colored skirts in a combination of round rubber and silicone.  The jigs feature Gary’s all time favorite, the Gamakatsu 604 round bend jig hook, that Gary has been using in his own jigs for 20 years.  Each jig features the special 4 barb bait keeper to hold the jig trailers in place.  These jigs are available in 12 colors and 5 sizes.


The Dobyns Nail Weights are simple. They have a very sharp point to insert and rig the bait straight.  The shorter nail lets the bait have a lot more overall action. This is accomplished by a small ball head that is easy to use to insert the nail.  With the many ridges on the nail, they simply won’t fall out. The nail weights are available in 3 sizes.

D-Blade Beast

The Beast is everything you ever wanted in a spinnerbait:  high grade ball bearing swivel, welded eye, specialized head so the skirt cannot ball up on it, hiand tied unique colors, custom plated stainless steel blades, specialized bait keepers and most importantly, a very even and balanced skirt.  The strands are singly placed and tied one by one around the spinnerbait head.  The Beast Spinnerbaits come in 3 sizes, 9 colors and both Colorado/Willow and Willow/Willow blade combinations.

D-Blade Advantage

The Advantage series is the new standard in spinnerbaits featuring custom head designs and colors, ball bearing swivel, special bait keepers and are hand-tied so the strands and colors stay in the proper place.  This allws the angler to slap the bait on the water to free any moss or  grass without skirt movement.  The Advantage Spinnerbaits come in 2 sizes and 7 colors with both Colorado/Willow and Willow/Willow blade combinations.

D-Swim Jig Head

The Dobyns Swimbait Heads feature a new 4 barbed bait keeper system that addresses one of the biggest and most common complaints with Swimbait heads.  The bait keeper will hold the Swimbait bodies in place, no super glue required!  The Dobyns Swimbait Heads are available with regular hooks, heavy wire hooks and heavy wire hooks with weed guards, in 6 sizes and the 3 most popular colors.

The Dobyns Extreme Football Jigs will be available in 12 colors and 3 sizes and will feature an EWG jig hook.  These are all hand-tied with a combination of round rubber and silicone.  All custom colors are tied in specific locations on the jig and feature the special 4 barb bait keeper.