Dobyns Rods is the namesake of an angler who decided the best this industry had to offer wasn’t enough. Through decades of tournament angling and over 100 major tournament victories, Gary Dobyns amassed an immeasurable amount of experience and knowledge. Before the advent of Dobyns Rods, Gary poured this experience and knowledge into rod building, and in time the “Champion” was born. Since then, Gary has continued to push the limits of rod building insistent on adhering to strict design principles and minimal manufacturing tolerances that have raised the level of rod performance and quality throughout the fishing industry.

Dobyns Rods offers a full line-up of rods across fourteen series from the affordable “Colt” Series to the super-refined “Xtasy” Series. Included within these six series of rods are multiple rods for every bass fishing technique from the lightest dropshot rod to the beefiest punch and swimbait rods. Built with balance in mind these rods aren’t just designed for a particular technique, but honed to squeeze every last bit of performance out of your fishing. Each Dobyns line of rods has superior components and material to other rods in that price range from any other manufacturer. Take your fishing to the next level – use a Dobyns Rod and feel the Dobyns difference!