The Dobyns Champion Extreme Series

DX 744C F/H

Length: 7'4"

Price: $349.99

Primary Techniques: Buzzbaits / Horny Toads / Jigs / Senkos / Spinnerbaits

Secondary Techniques: Carolina Rigs / Power Shot

DX 744C F/H


1pc. 10-20lb, 1/4-1oz, Heavy Fast Action

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DX 744C F/H SKU UPC Model

Most versatile bottom contact rod

Oct 19, 2013 by Dustin Tacker

This rod is just "right". The best rod made for dragging a football head jig in 1/4-3/4 oz, absolutely unbeatable when you need to know what's down there. The action is perfect for multiple techniques and keeps fished pinned!

Multi-purpose specialist!

Oct 12, 2013 by Patrick Tryon

This is my favorite Dobyns rod. I love the fast action and ultra sensitive blank. While I primarily use this rod for Texas rigs and jigs, it makes an awesome spinnerbait and toad rod as well. The quick taper reacts quickly on hooksets, and because the rod is 7'4", it is long enough to pick up line on long casts. This makes it a good Carolina rig rod as well. While there are a number of Dobyns rods that you could choose to fine tune each of these tactics, this is really the perfect choice for a do-it-all rod. With the array of different models, this rod is HIGHLY recommended as your first Dobyns if you don't know where to start.

Texas Rig Special

Oct 01, 2013 by Adam Hemphill

We don't fish a lot of jigs here in North Central Florida, so my DX 744C is my dedicated Texas rig rod. I mainly fish the St. Johns River, so current is always a factor and this rod has no problems handling Texas rigs from 1/8th oz up to 1/2 oz. Love the sensitivity and the balance when slow working a worm.

Best all around worm and jig rod

Sep 29, 2013 by Tom Redington

The DX744C is the favorite rod of many fishermen who owns lots of Dobyns Rods, and for good reason. Awesome feel, well balanced so it is comfortable fishing all day, and versatile enough to fish most any worm or jig rig. If you are going to get just one worm and jig rod, this is it.

DX 744C

Sep 27, 2013 by Pete Mathews

When the shaky head technique first came on the scene, light line, light jig heads, and spinning tackle were the norm. As the technique evolved, many anglers realized that when fishing a shaky head with 15-20lb line, heavier jig heads, larger baits, and a baitcasting setup it could be applied in the same scenarios where you would normally fish a football head jig, Carolina rig, or other deep structure techniques.

Paired with a high speed reel and magnum sized baits and jig heads, the DX 744C is the ultimate rod for fishing shaky heads in deep water. The 7'4" length allows you to make the long casts needed when fishing deep structure, and also allows you to move large amounts of line quickly to get a solid hookset on fish that are hugging the bottom in 25-50 feet of water. When it come to sensitivity the DX 744C is unmatched. Being able to tell when your shaky head is in the sweet spot and shake it in place will allow you to coax bites out of lethargic fish that have retreated to deep water. The balance of this rod is nothing short of outstanding, making it feel lighter in your hands and allowing you to fish with it all day without getting sore or tired. The shaky head is my go to technique in the clear water impoundments of the Ozark Plateau and the DX 744C has been a game changer when fishing deep structure.


Sep 27, 2013 by JJ Patton

The DX 744c for me is the most versatile in the DX line.. The 4 power can handle a wide range of weights from 1/8- 1/2 or bigger, but to me excels in the 3/16-3/8 range. Usually a jig or t rig is tied on mine for casting, flipping, pitching, follow up bait for misses. Also a weightless 5-6" senko or fluke works well. I prefer the full grip for tip up fishing and the split for flukes or reaction baits with a tip down presentation.

5.0 5.0 6 6 This rod is just "right". The best rod made for dragging a football head jig in 1/4-3/4 oz, absolutely unbeatable when you need to know what's down there. The action is perfect f DX 744C F/H