The Dobyns Champion Extreme Series

DX 742SF

Length: 7'4"

Price: $349.99

Primary Techniques: Dartheads / Gitzits / Shaky Heads / Tubes

Secondary Techniques: Dropshot / Finesse Wacky Rigs / Splitshot

DX 742SF


1pc. 6-12lb, 1/8-1/2oz, Med/Light Fast Action

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DX 742SF SKU UPC Model

Lousiana Drop Shot and Shakey Rod

Feb 18, 2015 by Chad Bennett

Love using this rod around a lot of these cypress filled lakes and rivers we have in Louisiana. Super sensitive and enough backbone to horse those bass out from cover.

DX 742SF is just ridiculously awesome

May 09, 2014 by Keith Omura

I'm just shaking my head in amazement as I type this. I've been finesse fishing since the 80's starting down in San Diego and up in NorCal since the 90's. I've fished with a lot of "top" rods for these applications and nothing compares to this "wolf in sheep's clothing." It looks all fancy with the ornamental hood and flashy paint job... then you feel the magic once you cast it and start working your little bait with it. It feels like some one is clapping my hand when a fish breathes on my bait and I never have any worries setting the hook with 6# test. With this action, you have the best of both worlds with a lighter tip that has the back bone of a gorilla. It easily handles surges of big bass. Thanks Gary for designing the best finesse rod in the universe.

Thee Drop Shot Rod

Oct 01, 2013 by Rob Edwards

The DX742SF is one of only two spinning rods I own and it is hands down the best drop shot rod I have ever thrown. Super sensitive yet strong, the DX742 will allow you to feel the most gentle of bites yet has the muscle to pull big fish up from the depths.

Tried and tested in the waters of Lake Simcoe, Bay of Quinte, Lake Erie and more, this rod has no quit.

My Favorite Smallmouth Rod

Oct 01, 2013 by Rich

For this rod is the perfect balance of length, sensitivity, tip, backbone and action to fish all sort of light line techniques for smallmouth in MN and northern waters. Drop shot, shakey head, swimming grubs on dart heads, etc.

Perfect for drop shot & shaky heads

Sep 27, 2013 by Mike S

Easily my favorite drop shot and shaky head rod. I pair it up with a braid to fluoro leader for the ultimate feel on deep water bites. Rod has just a touch more backbone that seems to give me better hook ups with those Erie smallmouth.


Sep 27, 2013 by JJ Patton

I dont use a spinning rod much.... but when I do I always grab my dx 742 sf.

It handles drop shot, shakey head, wacky rig, split shot, dragging tubes and even smaller crankbaits. If you need 1 spinning rod this is the one that can do it all. Plenty of tip to get the light baits out there, but this baby can move em when called on.

742 Extreme

Sep 27, 2013 by Doug Lane

MY tournament partner let me fish with his DX742SF for smallies. He's lucky he got it back. I wasn't sure a 7'4" would work for me after fishing Champion 703 and 702 models for the last couple of years but the length was an advantage on long casts and sure hook sets. The tip on this rod is very subtle but the back pone and power is in no way compromised. I drop shot with it. Sensitivity is unbelievable and allows you to feel bites, even on a sagged line. Where Dobyns gets it cork is beyond me as my grip was just about perfect. I like 3000 series reels and the balance is also about perfect. The Extreme series really is top of the line.

5.0 5.0 7 7 Love using this rod around a lot of these cypress filled lakes and rivers we have in Louisiana. Super sensitive and enough backbone to horse those bass out from cover. DX 742SF