The Dobyns Champion Series

DC 805CB RM – Randy McAbee Signature CB Rod

Length: 8'0"

Price: $259.99

Primary Techniques: Crankbaits

Secondary Techniques: Lipless Cranks / Swimbaits

DC 805CB RM – Randy McAbee Signature CB Rod


1pc. 10-20lb, 3/8- 1 1/2oz, Med/Hvy Mod-Fast Action

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DC 805CB RM – Randy McAbee Signature CB Rod SKU UPC Model

Dobyns 805 CB Randy McAbee Crankin' Rod. AWESOME!!!

Aug 07, 2015 by STOTI

I live in Northern California near Clearlake, which is pretty close to the Dobyns headquarters. With that being said, I have no affiliation with Dobyns or any of their staff. I usually don't write reviews or do this kind of thing but this rod was exceptional so I felt obliged to share my experience after using it for the first time. I have been a fan of Dobyns Rods for a very long time now and know that they're a quality rod. I do own a couple Dobyns rods but I have an arsenal of quality G Loomis rods along with two young boys that eat up all the extra money, so I haven't added or changed out any of my sticks in a while. With the new very deep diving cranks like the Duo Realis G87 20A, the Strike King 8 & 10XD and the Lucky Craft 110 & 120 Mag now on the market, I decided to finally start adding a few new Dobyns sticks to my arsenal starting with a crankin' stick. The first rod I purchased was the 805 CB RM deep cranking rod and I'm so glad that I did. It is obviously a rod built for a specific purpose and Gary and his team hit the nail on the head with this one. I don't think a technique specific rod for cranking deep plugs could be built any more perfectly! From the tip's flex, the butt's flex, the sensitivity, the components, the balance, to the price...this rod is about as good as it gets. When I used it for the first time, I was throwing Duo Realis G87 20A deep diving crank baits near Shag Rock on Clearlake. WOW! Talk about a great first impression. I was throwing the Duo G87 a couple hundred feet! I know that sounds far but I am not kidding...the length of this rod combined with these large heavy baits made this already exceptional rod a true life rocket launcher. Not only that, the rod is sensitive and doesn't wear you out after using it all day. It really is pretty incredible! One other thing I feel I should mention is that I have one G Loomis NRX, four G Loomis GLX's and quite a few G Loomis IMX and crank bait/jerk bait rods. I am familiar with quality built, high end rods that are both technique specific and other rods that are versatile and can be used for multiple techniques. This Dobyns 805 CB RM rod is every bit as sensitive as my G Loomis Cranking rod, is also as well balanced and has the action that's perfect for baits like the DD-22, G87-20A, the 8XD & 10XD as well as light swimbaits in a pinch(although I haven't tried those yet). I've written more than I intended so I'll end it here by saying this; Basically this rod is a steal at $259. It's well balanced, light weight, has the perfect action for large cranks, looks great, the fit and finish are excellent, and it has a terrific warranty. If you are looking for a quality rod for deep cranking, look no further. This rod is a great deal and has everything anyone could want in a crank bait rod. I hope this helped someone out there make their decision a little bit easier. If anyone out there finds a rod that is anywhere near the rod that this one is, please write a review and share with all of us. Yes, the G Loomis GLX Cranking rod line up has some rods that are similar in quality and feel. I can't however, say that the G Loomis rods are any better, and when you consider the price, you could buy almost two of the Dobyns rods for the price of one G Loomis GLX rod. Like I said, I have many G Loomis rods and love them. If however, I'm being honest and writing a straight forward review, I have to say the Dobyns rod feels better for deep crankin' and is almost half of the price!!! Thanks for your time. Again, I hope this helped make someone's decision a little easier. Stoti

My crank'n rod!

Oct 02, 2013 by Paul M

Not sure how I got by without this. I use it for the majority of my cranks. Eight foot is perfect not only to launch baits but to control the fish. The extra distance from the rod length and action helps me to get the bait way out there, get it down and keep it in the strike zone. Caught many, many good fish in the 6-9 lb range and this rod just flat handles em. Loads up beautifully to keep em pinned and keeps the pressure on em to get the fight out of em and get them in the boat. Thanks Gary...this rod rocks!


Oct 02, 2013 by Justin Seay

Love at first cast! I am absolutely blown away at how this rod bombs these baits a mile! When you stick a fish, it stays on till you break out the pliers to get the hooks out! I throw everything from small square bills to the 10XD size baits with now problem.
This is a must have rod for everyone!

Oct 01, 2013 by Patrick Bone

By far the best deep cranking rod on the planet. If you throw DD22s, 6XDs, or any deep crankbait, you can't do without this rod.

Sep 30, 2013 by Justin English

This rod handles deep divers with ease. Casting them a mile. I can throw this rod teamed up with a winch and fish the famous Kentucky Lake ledges all day. This is a must if you fish deep diving crank baits.

Sep 27, 2013 by Chad Bennett

Can you say Holy Deep Diver!!! Handles deep diving crank baits with ease. You can spend all day deep cranking with no stress on your wrists and it flings those baits a country mile.

5.0 5.0 6 6 I live in Northern California near Clearlake, which is pretty close to the Dobyns headquarters. With that being said, I have no affiliation with Dobyns or any of their staff. I usu DC 805CB RM – Randy McAbee Signature CB Rod