The Dobyns Champion Series


Length: 7'6"

Price: $259.99

Primary Techniques: Flippin' Stick

Secondary Techniques: Carolina Rigs / Swimbaits / Umbrella Rigs / Wakebaits



1pc. 12-25lb, 1/4- 2oz, Med/Hvy FlipĀ Fast Action

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Balance balance balance

May 26, 2014 by Doug

This is hands down my favorite flippin stick ever. Light and the balance is PERFECT !! I hate tip heavy rods and this model has impressed me from the day it was delivered. Someone ( Gary D ) put some time into the design of this stick. It's a winner !

Jan 04, 2014 by Bill Boland

The 765 is the best all-purpose flippin' stick on the market today. No I have not tried all of them, but I sure have tried the ones that matter. No other fippin stick provides this level if performance AND comfort. 9hrs in the pads is no easy day, but this rod cuts fatigue in half so you can stay focused and keep setting the hook. While I routinely have mine spooled with 65lb braid, it also fishes 25lb fluorocarbon very well.

My "almost everything" stick

Oct 02, 2013 by Paul M

Texas rig, jigs, flutter spoons, smaller swimbaits (like s-wavers), etc this is it. This rod requires a good stout hook or you will over power and bend it. My main stick as it has the power to handle the fish that I'm after (6lbs and up) and the versatility to throw several different types of baits. Caught many good fish in the 6-9lb range (and bigger) and it handles em! Great power to drive the hook and loads up to keep the hook(s) pinned. Ironically, the first trip I used this I stuck big fish of the tourny at 7.09 and it handled her beautifully...thanks Gary!

Great all around pitching/flipping stick

Oct 01, 2013 by Mike Q

Like the title says, this is a great all around stick for pitching & flipping. This rod has the tip to allow precise splashless entries and the power to muscle fish. Something that a lot of guys forget is you do need a somewhat forgiving action when shortline fishing. That fish is going to use that heavy lure/weight to help him throw the hook. This rod has just the right combo of power and forgiveness to get those trophy fish into the boat. I use it on the Cal Delta for anything from 1/4oz - 1 1/4oz (plus plastic or trailer) in anything from open banks to moderate heavy cover. Basically, I can use this rod for everything but punching jungle - step up to the 766 or DX795 then!

Flip heavy baits

Sep 28, 2013 by Aaron Lesieur

I do a lot of fishing on the Ca Delta and with all the heavy cover on the river this rod is a must have in my arsenal. Throwing 3/4-1 1/2oz weighted baits all day long is a breeze when I have this rod in my hand. The length and balance of the rod take all the work out of flipping into the heavy and tight cover. The rod is super sensitive so determining a strike is easy and with the heavy backbone, pulling the fish out of the nasty cover is even easier.

Heavy Hitter

Sep 28, 2013 by Evan Howard

The 765 is my choice when I need to bring the heat. I primarily use it for 1/2-3/4 swim jigs rigged california style, 5" and 6" Bull Shads, and super spooks and lunker punkers for striped bass. This rod is fast action, but has a sweet parabolic bend that loads up well with heavy lures and heavy fish. You can make a 15 pound striped bass go exactly where you want..that is power!

Heavy cover doesn't exist

Sep 27, 2013 by Bill Cantwell

Here on the Mississippi River we have got some of the roughest and heavy cover one could ask for and this rod is all that's needed. I have the confidence in knowing that whatever bites is soon gonna be flying out of the cover and into the livewell. If your tired of not being able to get that big ole green fat girl turned and coming to ya when you have a strong flipping bite then look no further.

5.0 5.0 7 7 This is hands down my favorite flippin stick ever. Light and the balance is PERFECT !! I hate tip heavy rods and this model has impressed me from the day it was delivered. Someone DC 765FLIP