The Dobyns Champion Series

DC 736C F/H

Length: 7'3"

Price: $259.99

Primary Techniques: Flippin' / Frogs / Pitchin'

Secondary Techniques: Big Jigs / Mag Topwaters

DC 736C F/H


1pc. 15-30lb, 3/8- 2oz, Heavy Ex Fast Action

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DC 736C F/H SKU UPC Model


Aug 04, 2014 by Gary

Been using the 735 which is an incredible rod. Then was recommended that I try the 736. Unbelievable power. Great rod for Heavy Jigs. Had to get used to the long handle but it does fit up inside your forearm well.
This beast has more power than my old flipping stick and a decent tip as well.
Lifting 3.5 lb fish and swinging them to my hand is like swinging 2 lbers. with a lighter rod

light as a feather with power to spare

Dec 08, 2013 by John Pierce

If you haven't given thought to a 736c to fish jigs and plastics from close up and away, well then... This rod is stout enough with enough tip to do anything, but the kicker is that this balance of this rod makes it feel like a feather!
I am truly excited to be able to pitch, punch, or cast a frog all day, and now have the extra energy to really do it ALL day.
I see why Gary D lists the 736c as one of his favorites.

Must Have...Versatility is the key

Oct 02, 2013 by Doug Vahrenberg

If you have to have a 736C! It's in my Top 5 Must have Dobyns Rods. WHy? because it's so versatile...I pitch soft plastics, jigs, plus throw Frogs, Swimmin Toads, Hollow Belly Swimbaits, Heavy Spinnerbaits, and just about everything else in my Tackle Box can be used with the 736C. When I have rods on my deck one of them is a 736C. This rod is my tight quarters and shorter flippin/pitching stick and it's just flat AWESOME! Not sure I could ever fish without it and why it is one of my Top 5 Must Have Rods!


Oct 02, 2013 by Justin Seay

I have not only used this rod for frogs, flippin and punchin but also use it for big topwater baits like lunker punker and the big slammer. If that wasn't enough, I also use it for mid size swimbaits, 1.5-2oz ledge buster spinner baits and my heavy umbrella rigs with two 6" hudds as my main baits. I can not say enough about this rod and how it surprises me every time I put it to the test. I love it so much I had to buy3 of them! Iv'e landed 7 fish over 10 lbs with them and I always have control of the fish! Thanks Dobyns for such an amazing versatile rod

Beefier Frog Rod

Oct 01, 2013 by Rob Edwards

The 736c is part of a 1-2 punch I use when frog fishing. It is the bigger and badder brother to the 735c and sees most of its action in the toughest of situations. I use the 736c in the heaviest of cover or when situations dictate that longer casts are needed, this rod was built to pull big fish out of heavy cover at any distance.

It also doubles as a great flipping rod.. by why flip when the frog bit is on!

Flippin awesome rod!

Sep 30, 2013 by Jim Root

This rod is flippin awesome, pun intended! I fish places like Oneida and Cayuga all year, and we have some of the thickest grass you'll ever find. This rod is not only sensitive enough to feel those bites, but it will pull them out when you need to. For froggin guys, I've used this rod at the Potomac and the James and I never lost a fish. You won't be disappointed with this rod. Other guys I know who've used mine couldn't believe how good it was and didn't want to put it down the use their other higher priced rods. This is worth every penny.

Frogs and so much more

Sep 28, 2013 by Aaron Lesieur

I use this rod when I am throwing frogs in heavy cover or flipping into heavy cover. The rod has a soft tip to make long casts and heavy back bone to drive the hook during the set. That heavy backbone also allows you to get those fish out of the nastiest cover around. The rod has great sensitivity and balance so you can fish it all day long.

Meat Stick

Sep 27, 2013 by Wil Dieffenbauch

This is a broomstick with a tip. Great rod for heavy cover.

Favorite Rod

Sep 26, 2013 by Gary Dobyns

736C is a brute of a rod. Ex-Fast tip but then serious power. Best Frog Rod and Pitching Stick I've ever used. This is an excellent rod for fishing in heavy cover on places like Lake Fork and Falcon Lake. If there is one rod in our entire line that's a must have for me, It'd be the 736C Full handle.

5.0 5.0 9 9 Been using the 735 which is an incredible rod. Then was recommended that I try the 736. Unbelievable power. Great rod for Heavy Jigs. Had to get used to the long handle but it doe DC 736C F/H