The Dobyns Champion Series

DC 734C S/H

Length: 7'3"

Price: $259.99

Primary Techniques: Buzzbaits / Horny Toads / Jigs / Senkos / Small Swimbaits / Spinnerbaits

Secondary Techniques: Chatterbaits / Spooks

DC 734C S/H


1pc. 10-20lb, 1/4-1oz, Heavy Fast Action

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first dobyns

Apr 23, 2015 by Josh

After a lot of research and talks on the phone with the guys at Dobyns I decided to buy the 734C champ. I received mine yesterday and all I can say is wow! Extremely versatile rod and the balance is top notch. I have mine paired with a Daiwa Tatula and it balances a half inch above the threads. Will be buying more dobyns in the future. Thanks Gary and the guys!

Light Pitching

Mar 04, 2015 by Bill Withers

I purchased this rod looking for something to pitch 5/16oz Tex Rigs and 3/8oz jigs around medium cover with 20 pound Super FC Sniper. The tip is perfect for this weight range. The tip is so responsive that you may feel the rod is underpowered. But multiple hook sets with heavy flipping hooks into fives and sixers in cover have convinced me that it has very good setting power in big fish in cold water, (here cold is 50 degrees) and good power to get fish out of medium cover such as standing grass and light brush. I have also thrown 7 and 10 inch worms with 1/4oz weight and the sensitivity with good 16 or 20 pound flourocarbon is good enough to detect strikes and determine structure type. I would not punch 1oz with this rod. For anything over 3/4 oz and heavier cover I go with a 5 and 6 power such as my Champion 735 and Savvy 766.

Work of Art

Mar 05, 2014 by Mike Cork

This rod is the genuine all purpose magician. There isn't a presentation that this rod can't handle. Spinnerbaits, Texas rigs, jigs, top water, squarebill cranks. For a co-angler or someone limited by space, this rod will fill the needs of many all in one.
Balance is incredible with a variety of reels, I've used it with Shimano, Lews, and Daiwa and all feel effortless when casting or pitching.

This is my go to Texas rig rod. From 1/8 to 3/8, from baby brush hogs to 10 inch worms, from pitching to casting. This rod has been a dream to fish. The sensitivity is amazing, you can feel a slate bottom turn to sand, you can feel a road bed turn to mud. Highly recommended rod.

It Just Feels Right

Oct 01, 2013 by Rob Edwards

I dont think I can add much to what the other anglers have already said about this rod. All you need to know if that it is the perfect rod for a mix of techniques, big and small. No matter if your an experienced angler or looking for your first bait casting rod, the 734c will ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

After fishing the 734c all season long it has found a home as my jig and small bait flipping rod. I cant really explain it, all I know is it just feels right

Versitile Rod

Sep 28, 2013 by Aaron Lesieur

You want to talk money well spent? The 734C is an all around work horse. If you are on a tight budget, are a co-angler or are just starting the sport, the 734C is the rod for you. The 734C offers great feel, balance, quality and versatility all wrapped up into one. This rod can handle techniques ranging from Carolina Rigs, small swim baits, spinner baits, buzz baits, swim jigs, jigs, Texas rigged worms, and top water walking baits.

Must have co-angler rod

Sep 27, 2013 by Chip Gennaro

I fish a lot from my own boat, but this year I have been fishing the BASS Opens as a co-angler, the 734C is my most used Dobyns Rod out of all that I own. I usually carry at least 2 if not 3 of these with me. You are limited to around 6 rods you can bring as a co-angler and this rod does so many different tecniques well. I use it for everything from spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, buzz frogs, chatterbaits, walking style topwaters, small swimbaits, swimjigs, texas rigs and light cover jigs. By far the most versatile rod Dobyns has.....

Does it all!

Sep 27, 2013 by JJ Patton

I mainly fish in the upper mississippi river. This rod can do everything I do, it is a power fishermans dream. spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, chatterbaits, swim jigs, t-rigs and pitching. Even square bills and spooks, If i could have 1 rod this would be it..


Sep 27, 2013 by Mike Webster

This rod is so versatile, you can literally fish just about any technique you want with it, I have found that it makes an exceptional swim jig rod!

Most versatile rod going.

Sep 27, 2013 by Gary Dobyns

I originally made this rod for throwing Super Spooks and It's still best I’ve ever used. But, the 734C is the most versatile rod in our entire line. Great for Carolina Rigs, small swim baits, spinner baits, buzz baits, my favorite trap rod in the grass, and many more techniques. It works good for jigs and Texas rigged worms too. We have better overall jig rod, but when you’re wanting a rod that does a little of everything or wanting to keep rod numbers down, it'll fish jigs fine. This is the “extra” rod I always carry when in tournaments because I can do so much with it. Same blank in the 734C Full Handle and it just depends on whether you like split or full handle.

5.0 5.0 9 9 After a lot of research and talks on the phone with the guys at Dobyns I decided to buy the 734C champ. I received mine yesterday and all I can say is wow! Extremely versatile rod DC 734C S/H