The Dobyns Champion Series

DC 734C F/H

Length: 7'3"

Price: $259.99

Primary Techniques: Buzzbaits / Horny Toads / Jigs / Senkos / Small Swimbaits / Spinnerbaits

Secondary Techniques: Chatterbaits / Spooks

DC 734C F/H


1pc. 10-20lb, 1/4-1oz, Heavy Fast Action

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A co-anglers best friend

Apr 03, 2015 by Ryan Diatte

This rod is always in my arsenal when I fish as a co-angler. I use this rod for smaller swimbaits, buzzbaits, vibrating jigs, senkos, the list goes on and on. If I could only have one rod, this would be it!

Tough to put down!!!

Feb 19, 2015 by Jason Janicsek

At any given time there are 3 of these on my front deck. Great spinnerbait, spook, horny toad, buzzbait, Texas rig and swim jig rod. Not much that this rod isn't suited to throw, get one or three!!

Must have all purpose

May 19, 2014 by Wil Dieffenbauch

This is a must have all purpose rod. Spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, texas rigs, jika rigs, jigs, senkos, etc. Just about anything. Incredible skipping rod. Absolutely love this rod.

Perfect Spook Rod and More!

Apr 24, 2014 by Dustin Tacker

The best rod ever made for any type of walking bait! Add the supreme versatility of this rod to that and you have extreme value! Spinnerbaits, Swim Jigs, Buzzbaits, Swimbaits... This rod can do it all!

Reaction Bite

Oct 02, 2013 by Steve Williams

When I am looking for a reaction bite with swim jig, spinnerbait, buzzbait, soft swimbait, ripping traps in grass, super spook or other walking bait this is the rod I grab. It has the right tip to be able to work the bait, allow the fish to inhale the bait and keep them hooked but still plenty of power to get them in the boat. It also helps when covering big flats, long points, bluff walls, etc when you need just a little more distance.

My favorite use is throwing a PTL swinging hammer around grass, docks, sea walls, etc. It is the PERFECT rod for that bait. It will also handle jigs, Texas rigs, big senkos and a variety of other baits. Like others said, it is VERY versatile.

Versitle Rod

Sep 30, 2013 by Aaron Lesieur

You want to talk money well spent? The 734C is an all around work horse. If you are on a tight budget, are a co-angler or are just starting the sport, the 734C is the rod for you. The 734C offers great feel, balance, quality and versatility all wrapped up into one. This rod can handle techniques ranging from Carolina Rigs, small swim baits, spinner baits, buzz baits, swim jigs, jigs, Texas rigged worms, and top water walking baits.

The Swiss Army Knife

Sep 28, 2013 by Evan Howard

Like a Swiss Army Knife, the 734 is the most versatile rod in the Champion lineup. When someone asks which rod" do I get first?", this is always my recommendation. What all does the 734 do well? Lipless cranks, square bills, spinner baits, flipping, top water, buzz bait, carolina rig, swim jigs, dragging football jigs, 5" Bull Shads, 6" hollow belly swim baits and just about anything else you can think of. This is my go-to, do-ti-all rod that never leaves my boat. No arsenal is complete without one.

Sep 27, 2013 by Chad Bennett

To reiterate what Mr. Dobyns said. This is by far the most versatile rod in the lineup. I always have three rigged up on the deck. It's my go to spinnerbait, buzz bait, trap, swim jig, chatter bait and gunfish rod. They also do double duty with T-rigs and jigs when I need them.

Everything you need!

Sep 27, 2013 by Max

There are not enough great things I can say about this rod! my favorite thing to do with it is throw 1/4oz swim jigs but you really can do anything with this rod. When I talk to people about my Dobyns rods eventually the question of "so which one should I get?" comes up and I always say the same thing, GET THIS!!!

The one !

Sep 27, 2013 by Doug Lane

Anyone who who wants a do it all rod, this is it. This rod does so much, I have two. I throw scrounger heads, hollow body swimbaits, spinnerbaits, toads, larger topwaters, swimjigs, just to name a few. The fast tip loads so easily. I am a full rear grip guy. Dobyns Rods is known for exceptional balance and the 734 is no exception. This is the best bang for the buck stick out there. I just wish using this rod allowed me to fish like the man himself.

5.0 5.0 11 11 This rod is always in my arsenal when I fish as a co-angler. I use this rod for smaller swimbaits, buzzbaits, vibrating jigs, senkos, the list goes on and on. If I could only have DC 734C F/H