The Dobyns Champion Series

DC 704CB

Length: 7'0"

Price: $249.99

Primary Techniques: Crankbaits / Gunfish / Jerkbaits / Poppers / Sammys / Staycee 90

Secondary Techniques: Small Spinnerbaits / Squarebills

DC 704CB


1pc. 8-14lb, 1/4- 3/4oz, Medium Mod-Fast Action

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World Class Jerkbait Rod

Dec 17, 2014 by patrick O

THE most important aspect of a world class jerkbait rod is NOT the length, as some people think. Instead, it is the combination of all of the things that the rod does and how it does them. Read them off: casting distance, light weight enough to use all day without tiring you out, the absolute perfect reaction and bend both when the fish bites and after it is hooked- so you can not only hook it, but LAND it too. I used the 795CB Glass Fast before getting one of these and it too is amazing, but this rod is truly a gift to the fishing world because there is no equal

One of my favorites!!

Oct 13, 2014 by Jason Janicsek

Great rod for a variety of jerkbaits like 110, slender pointer 112, and any other shallow to mid depth jerkbait. Also doubles as a topwater rod throwing smaller poppers like the Yellow Magic, Iovino Splash It, and a Rico with ease. A must have in your collection.

704CB Best rippin rod hands down

May 09, 2014 by Keith Omura

For NorCal rip baits fishing - I've been using Browning fiberglass rods and BPS Carbonlite (both in Med Action 8-10 # test fluro and mono) and they have been excellent for me. Then I read how this is Gary's favorite rippin rod and immediately got one. Absolutely incredible for throwing Lucky Craft Pointers and Staycee. The attention to detail on the hook keeper position is great because it allows you to just lay your hook next to it and it "naturally" accepts the hook without having to twist the rod. However, the most impressive (and interesting) part is how the rod feels when you rip the bait. It is kind of like a "ka-thunk" feeling I guess due to it being graphite instead of fiberglass. I can feel every move of the bait which translates into hits. Felt a "tick" with slack line and resulted in a 5 # bronze back. I went out and got the 704CB Glass and can't wait to use it. Thanks Gary for building the best rods on earth.

Excellent stick

Oct 02, 2013 by Paul M

Perfect for throwing 110s which is what I use it for 95% of the time.

Best popper & ripbait stick!

Oct 01, 2013 by Mike Q

This is my favorite rod for poppers & ripbaits. It has the perfect tip for absolutely launching baits from 1/4oz -1/2oz. Same tip allows me to keep impart action with a popper and not pull it away from cover. More important, I don't have to worry about overworking a ripbait. Cold water bass want that ripbait to twitch. Too powerful a rod or too stiff a tip means you just drag it through the water. Fish breathe on the bait & you feel it.


Sep 27, 2013 by Doug Lane

I picked up the 704CB last year for jerk baits and was amazed at the action of the tip and over all power. This stick is light and the tip is so reactive, working baits is easy which saves alot of energy. The handle length is spot on for me. Best of all is the versatility of the 704CB. I throw poppers and smaller walking baits with ease. I found myself using it for smaller cranks as well. The craftsmanship and finish is exceptional. I am more than happy with this model. I would recommend this stick all day long.

Staycee 90 and Vision 110

Sep 27, 2013 by Gary Dobyns

This is my favorite rod for Staycee 90 and Vision 110 baits. It throws all the baits in this size range awesome. Perfect for 8 & 10 lb test and jerk baits. It will handle heavier line, I just don't usually use heavier. It's a great small crank bait and top water rod too. I always have one or two of these with me. A rod I can't do without.

5.0 5.0 7 7 THE most important aspect of a world class jerkbait rod is NOT the length, as some people think. Instead, it is the combination of all of the things that the rod does and how it d DC 704CB