Justin Brouillard Shares His Top 5 Dobyns Fury Rods

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

1 (2)Top 5 Dobyns Fury Rods

Like many other fisherman this year, I began my 2015 season in total anticipation of the release of the new line of Fury rods in the Dobyns lineup. After many rumors about the potential release of a new rod series with a lower price point, Dobyns finally unleashed a high quality fishing rod line that fit the budget of many anglers across the fishing industry. Many videos and articles began to pop up about the rods after the release at the bass master classic, but the question everyone had was WHEN would they be available. After a couple months of studying the projected line up, I began to make a list of the rods I would need to fill my rod lockers. Finally, in May, I received the first shipment of Fury rods at my door.

My plan to test this new line was to completely overhaul my collection of rods and fill the voids with Fury rods. Not knowing the outcome, but trusting the craftsmanship and quality that Dobyns prides themselves on, I was very excited about the opportunity. At first, I filled my missing rods with a couple Furys and before I knew it I had multiples of the same model and almost one rod of each of the Fury lineup.

The result was total satisfaction with the new rod, plain and simple. Over the years I have always looked forward to trying and testing any new rod that comes on the market and the quality components that Dobyns introduced in the Fury, at a $109 price point, is remarkable. I tried every rod I had with different applications and when I was satisfied with a rod, I gave it to buddy to get his feedback, The many different applications that the Fury rods can be used for is totally up to the individual angler and what they are comfortable fishing with but I wanted to take a minute and highlight my favorite 5 rods from the Dobyns Fury line and how I used each one throughout the 2015 season.

#1: FR 735C

The FR 735C is one of the most popular rods that Dobyns makes. It is available in multiple rod series lineups and the Fury 735C does not disappoint. This is one of the models that I own and use multiple of almost every trip to the lake. Compared to the similar Savvy Series rod, the Fury is able to distribute the load throughout more of the rod on a hook set while offering more general power and similar feel weight-wise to the Savvy.

The best feature of the FR 735C is the large variety of applications I found myself reaching with it. I used this rod for everything from Carolina rigging for deep Champlain smallmouth to frog fishing the Ticonderoga grass mats for green fish. The ability to make long casts with a heavy weight, feel every little detail of the bottom, and the power to keep the bronze backs hooked up to the boat is the key with this rod. The backbone and raw power in this rod mixed with the ability to distribute the bend in the rod made this perfect for throwing jigs and Texas rigs as well.

#2: FR 734C

The 734C is another rod that acts and feels similar to the Savvy Series but the more distributed flex and power of this rod allows for longer casts and better bottom contact. The FR 734C was one of my go to rods for swim jigs. The ability of this rod to load up when snapping the jig through the grass and the power to keep them hooked up is unreal. With a quick change of baits, this rod also allowed me to switch from swim jigs to a lighter Texas rig application. With that said, the best application I used this rod for was throwing a heavy football jig in ultra deep water. This was the top pick of one of my best friends when he took a turn fishing this rod. It quickly became his go to for all his lighter weight flipping and pitching applications in all types of structure.

#3: FR 705CB

The FR 705CB is one of the most fun Fury rods to use because of the Dobyns Medium-Heavy power mixed with the action of a crank bait rod. The power of this rod still allows the use of slightly heavier/larger baits without sacrificing the action needed to work the baits and keeping keep fish hooked. With long cast capability, the rod is an absolute blast to use and fight fish with. In the spring time of the year, having multiple 705CB rods on the front deck will cover all of your small and largemouth fishing needs. I had success with anything from jerk bait and rattle trap fishing for smallmouths to square bill fishing for largemouth, this rod simply can handle it all. As the pre-spawn comes to an end, the quick switch to top water baits is simple and effective with this model.

#4: FR 703SF

The FR 703SF is my all around, go-to action spinning rod for multiple applications. Only one of 2 spinning action rods in the Fury Series, this one will simply cover all of your applications. Although applications such as a drop shot may be better suited with a different series or a model (702SF) rod, the FR 703 SF will help you out in a pinch and will successfully allow you to fish multiple applications. I paired this rod with 20-lb braided line and depending on the water clarity and application in use, I could tie on a fluorocarbon leader or fish the bait with strait braided line. With plenty of power to handle grass fishing, the tip is soft enough to keep fish hooked up with finesse applications such as a dropshot or a fluke. I also used this rod for throwing a senko and finesse jig around wood and docks.

#5: FR 765 Flip

The FR 765 FLIP makes the top 5 not for the variety of applications it can be used for, but the ability to do what it is intended for very well. This rod is a brute and if you intend on flipping the nastiest stuff in the lake with a big weight all day long for 5 bites, this is the rod you can rely on! It’s strong enough to hammer the hook home and boat flip them with the muck and slime attached. I used this rod exclusively for a few tournament days of 8 hours of flipping and it did not let me down. In fact, I could have probably flipped longer. The 7’6″ rod makes it easy to hit the small holes in weed beds and the balance of the rod allows precision and accuracy while being very discrete. I played around with different ways to use this rod and typically do not have room in the boat for rods that I can not use in multiple ways but this rod was different. As much as I tried, I could not find a better rod for this application. The FLIP rod plays the part so well that I have to make room!