Doug Lane on the Champion 764CB RM and “The Sleeper”

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dobyns 764 CB RM  “The Sleeper”

With the popularity of squarebill crankbaits and  the introduction of the 20 foot big boy baits, it seems that mid range crankbaits have become lost in the mix.  The fact is, hard baits that run in that magic 9 to 12 foot range still account for a large percentage of crankbait fish, both largemouth and smallmouth. One of my favorite all time baits is the Normans Deep Little N series. I’ve been throwing this bait since 1980 and it always seems to catch them.

For years, I threw the Normans on a seven foot rod, some graphite and some E-glass.  Fishing huge flats and the need to make extra long casts drew me to consider a 7’6” rod and I wanted the moderate flex of glass and the light weight found in a graphite stick.  I had some experience with the Dobyns 704CB and 705 CB Glass.  Both models are outstanding in their own right so where to go from there?

Well, I selected  the Champion 764 CB RM a couple of years ago and found it to be my “sleeper rod” when it came to those mid range baits.  Go figure?  This rod had to be designed with the Norman DLN in mind. The rod has the subtle characteristics that make it one of the most effective crankbait rods in my arsenal.

Like all Dobyns Rods, the CB RM (RM stands for well known pro, Randy McAbee) feels light in the hand and the balance is typical Dobyns.  The grip is 9.5 inches and provides plenty of length for two handed casts and rests nicely against the forearm during retrieves. The additional six inches of rod length is found above the reel seat and not incorporated into the grip.  The blank itself has a smooth progressive taper and shuts off well into the middle third and provides great parabolic action and power.  I found this rod is perfect when employing a sweep hook set. The 764 CB RM has the power to rip lipless baits from moderate grass. This model is actually very versatile and is a great choice for the co-angler.

The rod loads well from a quarter to half ounce and the sweet spot is 3/8 of an ounce.  Another bait, the quarter ounce Luhr Jensen Hot Lips loads very well with the 764 CB RM.  I spent some time throwing a DD22 and found that about maxed out the rod’s ability.  That extra six inches adds significant distance to casts with less effort.  I found the sensitivity of 764 CB RM to be outstanding and could feel the vibration of my baits no matter how subtle. This factors well when you want the bait to telegraph what the bottom contour and composition consists of.

The forgiveness of the blank helps keep fish buttoned up but provides plenty of power to maneuver fish away from and near the boat. I found that forgiveness allows the use of lighter test line for clear water applications, reducing the risk of break offs. Fishing an eight to ten hour day was a breeze, thanks to the easy loading blank and light weight.  Whether you fish the Deep Little N, Rapala DT series, Spro Rock Crawler or any other favorite mid range crankbait, the Dobyns 764 CB RM makes it less tiring and a lot more fun. Check one out at your local Dobyns Rod dealer or find one at Dobyns web site.

Doug Lane