Dobyns Rods Champion 765CB Review

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Justin Broulliard shares his review of the 765CB.


First Look:

When I pulled the Dobyns 765CB out of the package I absolutely could not wait to use it! It was mid-March and I had to wait a month or more to even make a cast with it. It was a stout rod with a killer crankbait feel. I had never used a rod specifically designed for deep diving crankbaits and was looking forward to it. The rod obviously could sling them a lot further than my older glass rod and the other options began going through my head!

On the Water:

The first trip out brought water temps in the mid 40’s and I knew I was not going to have success doing what I wanted to do with the rod. I spooled it up and made some casts with a 6XD. I was very excited about this rod! I had heard and seen videos of guys using the rod for chatterbaits and I was anxious to give it a go. Last week I finally got to tie one on and make some casts. I was very impressed with the ability to make pinpoint casts around docks and wood! One would think with the 7’6” rod you would sacrifice some accuracy but the way the rod loads and releases on the cast is incredible!

I began by cranking away throwing a chatterbait and immediately had success. With 25 bites or so in the couple hour window I had, I experimented with casting angles and throwing in and around cover. The rod is strong enough to fish baits in the grass and was strong enough to get them up and into the boat! One thing I look for in a rod is the ability to change baits and quickly go to another pattern. The ability of this rod to fish crankbaits in deep water and quickly switch to shallow water with a chatterbait makes it even more appealing.

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for a rod long and powerful enough to throw plus a mile and the strength to work them down to 20+ ft. of water, the Dobyns 765CB is the perfect rod without jumping to the 8’ model.  I strive to have rod that can be used for different things in any given day especially when jumping into the back of a buddy’s boat. Another use I experimented with and would be exited to use this rod for is a lipless crankbait. I threw a rattle trap around for a while and was shocked at the casting ability. I used to throw a trap on a heavy action rod in the grass at Ticonderoga. To pick up a rod that can handle 3 important baits and will make me feel comfortable throwing each gives me the confidence every time I get on the water!

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